The Wedding Company
Here are some useful answers to help you navigate through the whole process.

Full planning
This service is aimed at all couples that live in Portugal or abroad and may already have a location or any other key aspects of their wedding in mind, but will need our full planning, design and production.

How much will all this cost?
Please note that we work on a client budget of a minimum of 40,000 Euros per 100 guests. We also work with smaller wedding parties so do get in touch even if the group is under 100 guests.

How We Work?
After our meeting, a proposal will be emailed explaining in detail the full scope of our work. All our work is finalised with final standard contract, which secures your day and all of our work. Our planning and creative design work begin after the contract is signed. Our lips are sealed (for maximum discretion) and delivery of the most outstanding day of your life begins with creative meetings and moodboards plans.

What if it rains? We control many elements, but not the weather. So Plan B always has to be in the picture. A plan is devised to ensure that nothing can get in the way of a good party!
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